About Our Organic Products

About Our Organic Products

Last week you read a little more about Lori’s story and learned how she and her family changed some of their lifestyle and habits because of a health crisis they had.  Each of us here at Flirty, and probably every one of you, has been touched by illness or different health issues in our lives.  That’s one of the main reasons Flirty decided to make an all-natural organic line of soaps and cleaning products for the home.  We wanted something completely safe and non-toxic to use around our families.  And as we have studied and learned more about the benefits of using all-natural organic products, we truly believe it will lower your chances of illness and disease.  Lucky for us, we are in the business of making products!  And not just kitchen textiles and stuff for your home.  Over the years we have made so many relationships in the manufacturing world, that it didn’t take us long to come up with a product that we know you are going to love! 

Lori explained that her family got more and more into a healthy food lifestyle, clean eating, and cutting out processed foods, when Jeremy got diagnosed with cancer. She also started using organic cleaners around her house in attempts to help eliminate harmful chemicals in and around their home.   Lisa's son had eczema when he was little.  They tried everything…every cream, serum, and steroid the doctors recommended. But it didn't make the eczema go away. Our organic products were in the early stages of development, when Lori told Lisa to try the “Baby Butt Balm” on his problem areas and guess what...it worked! Out of everything they had tried this is what worked!


We could give you hundreds of examples of the ways this product has been helpful and even healing!  You might know that all of us girls on Flirty’s Executive team do Crossfit. And this means we have MAN HANDS (yuck!) that get torn up on the pull up bars, ropes, and barbells. We all started using the Baby Butt Balm on our hands to keep them soft and feminine and it helps us with calluses and blisters too! And, honestly, feels so soothing after a workout.  These products have been tested and we personally use every single one of them.  They work for us and our families and so we wanted to share these with all of you!  Hopefully you’ll love them and decide you can’t live without them.  So we’re sharing…and you’re welcome!  We love our families and use these products ourselves, and we want you to see the benefits and love them too!  So check them out and call us if we can answer any questions for you.



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