Back in the Routine

Back in the Routine

Calling all Mom’s and Dad’s! The kids are back in school...FINALLY! LOL! Some of you are sad. Some of you couldn’t be more excited! Whatever state you are in, the reality of getting back into a routine is here. I don’t know about you, but I live for routines! I need my daily routines or at least morning routines to feel like I've got it all together. 

Whether your kids are back in school, you are headed back to school yourself, or you simply are trying to be rushed out the door in the morning, we have a couple tips, tricks, and hacks that have helped us and our families get going in the morning and to make sure we all get where we are going on time!

  1. Getting organized the night before.

Simply packing up the kids backpack with all the essentials and with completed homework and having it sitting by the door, ready to just grab and go has made all the difference! If you are headed to work yourself, have everything in your purse or laptop case ready to go on the counter. This way you won’t forget anything essential in the morning rush.

2. Meal Prep

Now we aren’t talking body building meal prep over here, LOL! However, some of us at the office do meal prep our meals before hand and it just makes busy, crazy life a little bit easier! This way when you go to the kitchen in the morning, you have breakfast ready to grab and eat really quick. You also have your lunch in a container ready to grab and throw in your bag for work. Making the kids lunches the night before has helped a ton, if you like to make breakfast for all the kids in the morning. This way you can focus on making and eating breakfast as a family instead of rushing to get lunches ready while they are eating. Check out this easy and yummy Chicken Fajitas meal prep idea and recipe from Creme de la Crumb!


Good luck to everyone getting back into their routine! We hope this helps, even a little bit! Just remember you are all rock stars and we look up to each and every one of you! We are all in this together!



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