Backyard BBQ Must Haves

Backyard BBQ Must Haves

Nothing is more traditional and downright American than a good ole fashioned backyard BBQ. There’s something about the deep blue summer sky mixed with the smell of fresh outdoors and smoked meat that just brings the family together. Whether you are new to barbecuing, or you’ve been doing it for years, it is always good to know how you can make or update your BBQ set up! Once you acquire the BBQ must haves, you will never have to worry about having a stale BBQ ever again! Here are some of the top backyard BBQ must haves.

A Good Grill

Undeniably, the grill is the heart of the BBQ. Your grill should be a thoughtful investment as it should be able to carry you through summer barbeques, fall tailgates and also able to be stored or able to withstand winter weather. You want to aim for quality and versatility like these optionsthat can easily transition to the beach or football field. Consider taking the plunge for a grill that will easily translate to all your grilling needs and last you years to come. And remember no grill is complete without a master chef, so throw on an apron and start chillin’ and grillin’!

Grill Necessities

A chef needs his tools. When working the grill, you’re going to need some spot on grill accessories. You should start with the basic grilling tools like BBQ Utensils and cutting boards for your prep work. Maybe even get yourself a BBQ griddle that you can cook the veggies in. Last but not least, be sure to have your all-purpose cleaner ready for clean up when you are all finished. It is important to clean everything thoroughly to keep your grill in pristine condition, so also consider investing in some grill cleaning tools.


Backyard Games

A BBQ can feel incomplete without some friendly backyard competition. For some classic fun, you can have cornhole or horseshoes set up. This is great for all ages and provides leisurely competition. If you have a more athletic crew with larger numbers, consider setting up a volleyball net. This will be sure to get your guests working up an appetite. Or get creative and do an egg relay race! Have teams race while trying to balance an egg on a spoon (use a larger spoon to make it easier for kids)!

Outdoor Necessities

Have outdoor necessities ready and accessible for your guests. Nothing ruins the positivity of a fun BBQ faster than a lingering sunburn or bug bites. Be sure to have some sunscreen and buspray placed out for guests or even a table umbrella for your guests to enjoy some shade while they eat. Bugs near your food can become a real nuisance too. Be sure to have any sitting food covered with a silicone lid to prevent unwanted bugs or dust from flying into your meal.

Party Accessories

We can’t forget about the accessories. If you are celebrating a holiday or a sports game, try having those colors as a theme throughout the backyard. It is a small detail that can go a long way. Invest in some lasting accessories as well. While plastic cups and paper goods make clean up a breeze, some memorable lasting staples are worth a buy. Consider some festive tablecloths or a funny “Grillin' and Chillin' apron to use for parties to come. Or apron shop to match your party’s theme and colors with one of these flirtier choices! Also, splurge on a nice Bluetooth speaker. Music is sure to liven up the party and your new speaker can be used for other party occasions as well.

Must Have Aprons

Every master chef, head chef, BBQ King, or beginner chef needs a cool and funny apron! Whether your chef wants you to tell you he "Turns Grills On"or let you know he "Likes Big Buns" Flirty Aprons has all of the funny sayings you could imagine. Grab a Men's Tactical Apron, for your All American Boy who may need a little extra room to store all of his grilling gear! And right now buy one Men's Tactical Apron get a pair of FREE Silicone Tongs!!

Outdoor Lighting

As the night starts to fall upon you, keep the guests feeling welcomed and comfortable with some ambient lighting. Especially if you are going to continue to play games and enjoy summer nights the lights are going to be a necessity. Make sure to install some landscape lighting to avoid dark areas of the yard and add some candles to the tables. String lights are also very popular for setting a party mood and are an affordable addition to any yard.


Once you compile all of the ingredients for a backyard BBQ, you can watch it form into a recipe for friends, family, and fun. It will all come together and you can thank yourself and all your hard work for making it happen. Time to enjoy those summer days!




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