Father's Day Activities & Gift Ideas

Father's Day Activities & Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is around the corner and spoiling that special Dad is not always easy. It’s not about how much you spend, but rather how much he feels appreciated that day. It’s always great to ask him if there is something specific he’d like but the typical response is “nothing.” A common feedback from men is for this day to be STRESS FREE above everything. Depending on your man’s personality, that can consist of doing very little and simply relaxing or going on an amazing adventure. That’s for you to asses and hopefully some of these ideas will help you along the way.


MEAL TIME: The quickest way to his heart his through his stomach and one thing is certain, your man wants to eat good on his special day. Waiting in line for hours for a table may not be his ideal celebration so find somewhere less crowded or make a reservation in advance if at all possible. You can even order to go and eat in the comfort of your own home or somewhere romantic, such as a park or a beach. Last but not least, if your man prefers to just be in, you can always treat him to some amazing home cooking. 


  • Bring him Breakfast in Bed
  • Suprise him with a spontaneous lunch date
  • Dinner & Dessert for Dad

ACTIVITY OF HIS INTEREST: Let’s be honest, not all of your hobbies line up with that special man’s interests. For this coming weekend, let it be something he truly enjoys! If he loves being in and away from the world then definitely don’t plan some huge outing that will take up the whole day. Treat him to something secluded that will help him relax and enjoy his day. If there’s nothing more rejuvenating than the great outdoors than take him somewhere he’s never been before. Offload as much of the planning that you can so that he can simply show up and enjoy his day. 

  • Out and Active
    • Road trip
    • Camping or hiking
    • Boating or fishing
    • Day at the beach
    • Sky diving
    • Amusement park
    • Hunting trip
    • Paintball or gun range
    • BBQ with friends & family
    • Go-karts
    • Golfing – on a course or mini style

  • Relaxation Time 
    • Weekend getaway without the kids
    • Spa or retreat
    • A night in with relaxing spoils
      • Foot rub or massage
      • Game night or movie night
      • Drinks for the
      • A day alone
        • Celebrating with him and the kids would of course be ideal but it’s also okay to give him a day to himself. Take the kids and let him have time to unwind on his own.

  • Easy to do 
    • Movie of his choice
    • Beer tasting - Brewery or Pub Hop
    • Historical museum
    • Car show

GIFT IDEAS: For the original hero (aka DAD), it can seem almost impossible to pick out the perfect gift. It doesn’t need to be so difficult. What are his interests or what have you heard him say, “that’s pretty cool” about. Being observant in conversation is the first key to knowing what he wants or needs. 

  • Entertainment
    • Book from his favorite author
    • Movie collection
    • That new game he’s been wanting (computer, video, etc.)
  • Tickets to an event he would love
    • Sporting event
    • Concert
    • Film festival
    • Brewery & Pub hop

  • Easy & Simple
    • Hand written letter from you and/or the kids expressing
    • Toiletry Bundle (cologne, shower essentials, etc.)
    • Clothes; New gym attire, work clothes, comfy lounge wear, business suite, etc.

  • New Gadgets
    • Watch
    • Swiss Army Knife
    • Beer Dispenser or Kit
    • Gun and/or Accessories
    • Tool Box
    • Sports Equipment
    • Wireless Headphones
    • BBQ Grill
    • Fishing Pole Set
    • Camping Equipment

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