Flirty Home Baby Butt Balm

Flirty Home Baby Butt Balm

Hi there everyone! We have decided that for the month of August we want to focus on our baby products! Because why not? People are having babies every day, so this applies to someone. We are going to start this week with our Baby Butt Balm!


Our Baby Butt Balm is pure and natural and sooths even the most distressed baby skin. It works well as a diaper rash treatment and is completely safe for your baby’s skin. We wanted something that we would feel good about using on our kids, for all of you to use on yours!


But…here is the best part! The Baby Butt Balm can be used by the whole family! It treats and moisturizes even the roughest, driest and cracked or irritated skin! We use it on our hands and feet…who else’s husband has the nastiest dry, cracked feet!? Well I am telling you, this stuff works!


The Baby Butt Balm cured Lisa’s son’s eczema, after they tried everything the doctor prescribed them, including steroids. We even use it on our lips, I know it is weird to put butt balm on your lips, but that is how you get those baby butt soft lips! Am I right!? LOL!


We love this stuff and just wanted to share a few tips and tricks to get the most use out of your Flirty Home Baby Butt Balm!



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