How To Have The Best Movie Night

How To Have The Best Movie Night

Movie nights make for a terrific way to bring high spirits and a bunch of people together. This can be a perfect way for your child to feel like they are surrounded by loved ones and have an immersive experience, even in your own home. It is up to you to create such an awesome movie experience, but where do you start? Here are some of the best ways you can create an unforgettable movie night that can turn into a tradition.

Choose a Theme

Creating a theme behind any get-together is very important for immersion purposes. This part can be your very own choice, but the selection of movies can be chosen by everyone!

Let’s say you choose to have a Cinco de Mayo movie night. You can pick out three different movies that can be chosen by your child, or with a majority vote. A great, popular movie for this theme is Coco. The movie choices are the perfect way to set a solid themed mood, thus creating an experience unlike any other for your family.

DIY Decorations

To add on to the theme idea, you are going to want to get the perfect decorations. First, decide whether or not you are going to surprise your child with a movie night. If you want to do a surprise, you will have to come up with an elaborate, yet fun distraction, while others decorate the movie area.


Decorations should follow the theme of the movie choices. For a Cinco de Mayo theme, add some piñatas, sombreros, maracas, and maybe even some string lights (if possible). You can even set up some colorful chairs for the other guests, and tell everyone to dress the part, too. Imagine coming into that room and feeling like you’re truly in Mexico! There are plenty of simple ways to DIY Cinco de Mayo decorations.

Include Some Games

Games can add an extra layer of fun to any movie night and may even make the whole experience complete. Try to make these games stick with the theme. This will definitely help you keep the immersive experience alive.


Anyone up for Mexico-themed charades? Take a regular game and spin it to fit your party theme. Board games are also a huge hit. Just make sure that they are games that everyone will be able to participate in. This will get the energy high and have everyone really bonding during the movie with fun jokes and good times.

Pop Corn is Required

Hit the spot with some delicious food prior to the movie. No movie is complete without the perfect number of snacks. Throw on your kids’ aprons and have a baking party prior to movie night and make cookies or even cookie butter. Even something as small as drinks and popcorn can turn the place into a personal movie theatre.

While movie theater popcorn is a family favorite, it’s possible to make popcorn at home equally as delicious. Pop up some of your favorite brand, then throw it in a mixing bowl and add toppings like parmesan cheese for something savory or caramel for something sweet. It really is something special to see how food can make someone's night go from good to great!

Up the Technology

Planning ahead is key. How about a spectacular 4k projector? LG just created one that you can set up very close to the wall while creating an amazing image.


If a fancy projector isn’t in your budget, ask to take over the common area in your apartment complex or clubhouse for the night. Then, you can simply set up the chairs and themed decorations there and have an even better surprise.


If you are really tech savvy, try getting a Chromecast that you can plug into any tv with an HDMI port. Once you connect it to your phone and to Wi-Fi, you will be able to cast movies directly to your tv from your phone. It could be a nice gift to leave your child, so they can watch movies on their phone if you’re unable to join the fun.

Date Night

We all know it can be hard to find time for your spouse when you have children. Luckily, movie night is a perfect date idea for two! If you can, try taking your child out beforehand for a nice little night on the town. You can even get dressed up together to make it a special occasion! Plan everything from start to finish, and most of all, make it as fun as can be. If your child prefers, bring some friends along too. This will make for a better time for your child and really get everyone excited for the movie night they have waiting for them. When you get home, throw on some comfy clothes, use your cookie scoop to bake some fresh cookies in an instant and let the show begin!

Setting up a movie night is one of those experiences that can lead up to a major pay off. The food, games, theme and movies are completely worth seeing your child laugh and be happy. It’s the little things in life that show what someone truly means to you and sharing precious nights like these will make for a really good parent and child relationship. Let your family grow strong with these best movie night tips and remember to enjoy the moment!


Thanks Abby for helping us out with this one! Hope you all enjoyed!


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