Mother's Day Craft

Mother's Day Craft

We had another opportunity to appear on one our local TV stations, KSL Studio 5 and this time we gave some cute and fun gift ideas for mom!

As you know, our aprons have the option to be customized on our website. You can put any saying, name or nickname on the apron, we even do company logos! We spiced it up a little bit with some easy vinyl lettering and fabric paint!

We used a simple vinyl lettering machine that you can get at your local crafting store to make the letter stencils. Don't forget to pick up some fabric pain while you are there! We made the letters we wanted, placed on our Marilyn Salon Blank Black Apron and our Marilyn Salon Blank Red Apron, used them as stencils to paint on the letters. Remove the vinyl letter while to paint is still wet. Let sit for a few hours or use a blow dryer to help the pain dry faster. 

Once the paint is dry, let your kids paint the missing letters in the word. In this case, we let our kids paint a heart for the "o" in love. Or we used their cute little hand print for the "o" in Mom. This makes for such a special gift for every mom, to capture their kids tiny hand print forever.

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