Nicole's Story

Nicole's Story

Nicole's Story

Hi Guys! My name is Nicole and I have worked at Flirty Home since June of 2017. I am usually the one behind the camera, busy running our Instagram, Blog and Facebook. I met Lori right out of college, I had just graduated from college, gotten married and moved all in a matter of a couple weeks. My husband and I own a CrossFit Gym, that Lori is a member of and that’s how we met. She reached out to me as soon as I moved into town and offered me a job at Flirty Home, a company she had just recently purchased, and here we are!

I come from a small family, and I have a twin brother. We look nothing alike and most people wouldn’t know we were twins. We actually always got asked if we were dating in high school.I am really jealous that Lori and Lisa get to work together every day and I now live an hour away from my twin, so I have tried to adopt myself into their family and become their triplet…I think it’s working.

Owning a gym and watching my husband train people to help them reach their goals and feel more confident in their own skin has helped me develop a passion and love for people. Whether it is at the gym or here at Flirty Home, I want to help people feel confident in what they do, what they wear and most importantly who they are. Flirty Home has given me a way to reach out to people and do just that. From the things we share with you on social media to the products we offer, our goal is to help you feel “flirty” and confident in your own homes.





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