Plan for a Healthier Easter

Plan for a Healthier Easter

Easter is definitely a day of celebration and along with that comes an abundance of food and tasty treats. There is no need to feel that next-day guilt this time around. Healthy and tasty can definitely go hand in hand and we've found some amazing recipes to prove it. This year, we will help you plan in advance with tips, recipes, snack ideas & activities that are sure to be a hit. 

Breakfast is where it all begins, the most important meal of your day. There is no benefit in fasting all day to then go overboard at brunch. Eating a nutritious breakfast maintains blood sugar levels and will help prevent you from binge eating through the rest of your day. Below are some festive and healthy choice recipes we highly recommend.


This definitely does not mean you have to sacrifice all things yummy. There are many ways to provide more nutritional snacks to your family and guests while still keeping them tasty and festive. These types of snacks will also help everyone feel more energized and less likely to crash into that Holiday food coma. 

  • Plastic Egg Fillers:
    This genius creation will allow you to divie out healthier treats, while still being festive. You’ll be able to portion better and prepare ahead to make sure there are enough for each guest. These are definitely more of a distraction for the kiddos but adults are more than welcome to partake if you feel the need. Fill your eggs with things like;
    •   * Trail mix
    •   * Dried fruit
    •   * Peanuts or various types of nuts
    •   * Granola with raisins
    •   * Small sandwiches
    •   * Gold Fish (preferably the bunny shaped ones)
    •   * Zesty Snacks: Bunny Dirt Cups 
    •   * If chocolate is irreplaceable, go with dark chocolate (it’s better for you)

  • Fruits, Veggies & Whole Grain Cracker Displays:


There are so many choices out there, we've narrowed our favorites down to the below six.


The best way to help burn off those scrumptious calories is to do something active. There are many ways to engage all age levels. To be honest, adults need it more than the kids as they are already young and active. 

  • Easter Egg Hunt Workout:
    Rather than filling your eggs with treats or traditional goodies, fill your eggs with a workout task. That task must be fully completed before moving on to the next egg. The hunt can take place individually or split into teams to even out the odds out. Like any other hunt, whichever individual/team completes the most eggs, wins!  It is always of course more enticing to have somewhat of a prize for the winners, that choice is up to you. Not only will this active egg hunt be one to remember, it will also help everyone participating burn off those extra Easter calories throughout the day. Below are some great ideas to get you started.

    •   > 30 Jumping Jacks
    •   > 20 Sit ups
    •   > 10 Burpees
    •   > Bear Crawl to the nearest tree and back
    •   > Rest up & move to the next egg
    •   > Stop, drop & roll 5 times
    •   > Give 10 people high fives

  • Side Walk Chalk:
    If the weather permits, get outside and get creative with your family. Those not participating can then vote on each drawing to award each of them an ultimate nick name! This makes for great photos, memories and most of all, quality family time.
    •   > The most Easter Spirit
    •   > The most Unique
    •   > The most colorful

  • The Ultimate Egg Games:
      > Have an egg toss competition to see which pair can toss the egg back and forth the farthest without breaking their egg. Just be prepared for potential clean up duty.

      > Hold an egg decorating competition to spark that creativity.

      > Have an egg race to see who can make it to a certain point and back while balancing an egg on a spoon. This can be done individually or in teams and you can get very creative on the rules. 

This is the true challange that we all face. Portion out your servings and avoid hitting that, "oh man i'm going to expload" moment. Eat to fuel your body through out the entire day rather than fitting in as much as possible in one sitting. Easter always brings left overs so have to go plates for your guests if you don't wish to hoard all of the remaining to yourself. Last of all, be sure to enjoy your time with your family, friends and guests. When hosting an event like this, it can be difficult to relax. Happy Easter!

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