Spoil Mom for Mother's Day This Year

Spoil Mom for Mother's Day This Year

Your mom–and any other mom you plan to honor this Mother’s Day–deserves to be treated like a queen every day, but especially on May 13th. This year, gift her something she’ll actually be excited about (even though it’s really the thought that counts).

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Something Extra Thoughtful

The little things go along way (they’re also pretty failsafe). Treat your momma to flowers–when they’re farm-fresh and beautifully presented, they’ll feel more elevated than your grocery store flowers (and not cliché at all). And don’t forget the forever-classic homemade breakfast. Food in bed is the best way to start a day, plus she’s probably expecting it at this point. Deliver big with more gourmet menu options, like creme brulee French toast or an omelet with all her favorite veggies. Be sure to serve her the homemade dish using a cute new potholder and oven mitt as an easy way to add a simple and affordable gift to her breakfast in bed! If she’s a fan of the bubbly, don’t forget a mimosa too–it’s a Mother’s Day must-have.

Something Perfectly Practical

First off, don’t let your mom do any cleaning, cooking, or chores of any kind around the house. Make it clear that you support her (and want her to relax) by running her errands–a trip to the grocery store, picking up the dry-cleaning, whatever mom needs! It’s a small gesture that can go a long way. Plus, your mom could probably use some quiet time around the house. Be sure to take all the kids with you as well. And if cooking and cleaning are your mom’s thing, surprise her with something new that she needs like a cute apron like this fun, sultry option or a fun playful option like this cupcake apron. And if she already has a full apron collection (although that’s not possible) try to treat her to something she can use every day like new mixing bowls or measuring cups. Practical and useful gifts like these show that you appreciate and are paying attention to her and all her hard work.

Something Extra

Your mom took care of, supported you, and let’s be real–most likely inspired your personal style as well. So, take advantage of the day to go really, really big on a gift and splurge on the woman who splurged on you for so long. A cashmere scarf is a perfect option, even if it’s not winter anymore. She can always use it, either in a chilly office or while traveling (plus, they’re so soft, she won’t be able to stop touching it). A designer credit card holder is also a luxe gift she’ll love (and actually use!). For the tech moms, present her with the gift of memories, i.e. the Prynt Pocket, so she can instantly print out all those family photos she’s always taking. Or treat her with some new kitchen tools and spoil her with a full Kitchen Essentials Bundle. Every mom can use an update on some kitchen basics and this is a great way to look like you splurged on her (when really you found a great deal). And if your mom is a total fitness buff, splurge on a membership to a new workout class for her, like Soul Cycle or Pilates. It’ll go a long way since individual classes can be very costly and it is a gift that will keep on giving.

Something to Pamper

Your mom deserves the best, so treat her to such! Plan her a home spa day by gifting her all her favorite products (think luxury lotions and soaps). Set the tone with a new candle (she’ll love anything from Maison Louis Marie) and have her start the day off with a home pedicure. You can use warm water and epsom foot soak, then use her favorite color nail polish. A raw sugar scrub is an extra nice touch and will help soothe her overworked feet. Turn her bath into a relaxing escape with bubble bath and essential oils. You can carry these luxurious vibes into other areas of the house by adding in the Flirty Aprons All Purpose Cleaner to carry the essential oils scent throughout your home. Then top it off with a new silk robe that will have her feeling like her best self. And if you really want to spoil her, surprise her with an in-home massage.

Something To Do With Her

One of the best gifts you can give your mom is simply your time. Call her up and set up a quality day for just the two of you–or invite the whole family if you think she’d prefer (remember, it’s her special day!). Brunch reservations at her favorite restaurant, a visit to a memorable spot, or even just binge watching her current obsession on Netflix will mean so much just by doing it together. Use some of your new cooking tools to bake something together. Throw on some matching aprons like this Strawberry Shortcake Apron and this Sadie Mint-a-licious Apron and get cooking!

Something For The New Moms

There’s nothing more special than a mom’s first Mother’s Day. And while unfortunately you can’t give the gift of sleep, there are ways to make the day extra memorable. Keepsake gifts, like a framed photo of her baby’s hand or footprint, or a personalized charm necklace with a photo of the baby will melt her heart. You can add a nice touch by having the locket laser-inscribed with the baby’s date of birth. If you’re extra crafty (and the baby and new mom are ready), offer to make a memory quilt out of the baby’s first blanket. This is the perfect way to preserve that extra special item for years to come. Perhaps this is also a time to remind your new mom that it’s a day about her, and not just the baby. Have her celebrate all the “mommy milestones” with Label with Love, customizable labels that you can put on her favorite booze of choice. And remember, moms are all about their babies, so often the best gift for them is something special for the ones they love. Consider a cute new baby bib is all it takes to make mom smile.


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