Sugar-Free Toast the Rainbow

Sugar-Free Toast the Rainbow

"I know what you’re thinking: How much can one human talk about toast? The answer: quite a lot; in fact, maybe ceaselessly. I love toast because I crave variety, and the ability to be able to create an infinite number of different flavor profiles and presentations all on a piece of toasted bread? Well, it inspires me. So, get out a piece of your favorite bread (whether gluten-free or gluten-full, just make sure it isn’t processed to death and full of unnatural unpronounceable ingredients) and look at it as a canvas, a toasty canvas upon which we can enjoy a myriad of delectable culinary combinations. I most recently discovered my affinity for creating rainbow inspired toast via utilizing cream cheese infused with natural and edible pigments. Read on to find out how I create pastel colored cream cheese and marbled rainbow toast!

There is no exact science or specific measurements for these; for each color I will explain the ingredients necessary, then it is simply a matter of taking how ever much cream cheese you plan to use for a piece of toast, and combining it with the coloring to reach the desired color intensity. I use almond milk cream cheese, which can be found at Whole Foods." - Vibrant & Pure

Each color uses about 2 tablespoons of cream cheese

Hot pink (Beet Juice):
Start out with about 1 teaspoon worth of beet juice and slowly increase the amount until you reach the desired color

Orange/Yellow (turmeric root):
Juice or blend about a 1 inch knob of turmeric root. Add a few drops slowly to the cream cheese until you reach the desired shade of

Light green (chlorophyll drops):
Start out with about 3 drops of chlorophyll and increase until you have a light shade of green.

Light blue (spirulina powder):
To achieve the light blue color, you need a very tiny amount of spirulina powder, abut 1/4 tsp.

Purple (freeze dried blueberry powder):
Take about a tablespoon worth of freeze dried blueberries and mash them in ziplock bag to create the ‘powder’. Add the powder to your cream cheese little by little until you have the desired shade of purple.

Light pink (beet juice & freeze dried strawberry or raspberry powder):
Take about a tablespoon worth of freeze dried strawberries or raspberries and mash them in ziplock bag to create the ‘powder’. Add to the cream cheese and include a tiny bit of beet juice if you want the pink to really pop.

Food styling tip:

To create this marbled look: Spread white cream cheese on your toast, then add a small dollop of each color (see below) and swirl the colors around using a chopstick.

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