Distributor Application

Flirty Aprons was created in 2007 by four entrepreneurs who looked to build a world-class company from the ground up. Since its inception, Flirty Aprons was modeled as a franchise prototype business that targeted a specific void in the market—high-fashion women’s aprons. After seeing remarkable success at mall kiosks, it became clear that Flirty Aprons would be able to offer valuable business opportunities to other entrepreneurs.

The owners of Flirty Aprons understand the power of empirical research, and seek to capture its potential through holding regular customer focus groups, email feedback campaigns, and extensive multi-variable testing on its website. Through the use of these strategies, Flirty Aprons has learned important facts about its customers, including the foundational reason why a customer purchases an apron. This information continues to be applied in Flirty Aprons’ advertising, design, sales, and customer service.

Flirty Aprons has always sought to provide its customers with consistent value beyond their expectations. Now, it can offer the same to Distributors. Not only do Flirty Aprons distributors receive materials and manuals for a turn-key operation, but they also receive a unique product with a proven track record. The company’s distributor fees are modest, and the expected return on investment for each distributorship is well above the industry standard. The largest cost is inventory—an asset that pays for itself within a few weeks of operation.

Whether you are interested in selling women's aprons or men's aprons, Distributors can reap the benefits of ongoing empirical research, sales and management systems, comprehensive operations manuals, and a business model that has proven its success.

Flirty Aprons is currently offering a limited number of mall kiosk distributorships to qualified applicants. If you are interested in more information or in applying please fill out the Distributor Application Form below.

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